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Video Marketing in Nepal

Video Marketing In Nepal

Video Marketing in Nepal is a successful approach looking at the past decade scenario. With the rise in commercial platforms like Television, Smart Phones and Internet; Marketing has not only been limited in Audio and Newspaper but in fact inclined hugely towards video production.

Along the recent lane in the Marketing scenario of Nepal, Advertisement through video is becoming a successful medium to generate leads and attract potential customers for a company or business.

According to CISCO, videos are accountable for the 80% traffic generated on the Internet which explains that video marketing could quite possibly target the audience without any limits and boundaries. As Youtube is the second most visited website on the internet, it is with no doubt that people are choosing video contents over any other forms. To adapt to this fluctuation, the marketing world is also shifting towards video production.

Video marketing in Nepal is helping the business owners by enabling them to include their personal ideas and creative suggestions in the videos they are creating. With the help of video they are being able to share their message and the essence of their business. By combining videos with email marketing strategy, the CTRs of a company can improve by a staggering amount. With every step and approaches of video marketing implemented, a quality video is bound to increase a company’s customer base.

Producing a video is a costly measure when it comes to creating small length corporate videos. Including the cost of expensive camera and gadgets along with the shooting unit and the actors remains fixed no matter the type of video being prepared. Adapting to this drawback companies and corporations have started to rely on the animated videos. Animated videos are becoming a popular choice for creating Corporate Videos.

7. Benefits of Video marketing

Videos can be useful for marketing purposes. In fact videos can be your static mode of advertisement that can be effectively be marketed compared to other types of content, for example Newspaper articles are effective, they reach your doorsteps everyday but don’t last over time. A video representing information about your brand on your website is there doing its job until you decide to change it. Isn’t that time convenient and cost effective? Here are few of the benefits of video marketing for small businesses.

1. Publish information about your Brand

There are large numbers of SMEs in the competitive business world. Every business has their own marketing agenda regarding their marketing approaches. A video can help you create something spectacular using your own creativity for your brand.

2. Improve online presence

Building your online presence is a lot easier with video. Your web presence will receive many views and reviews from audiences all over the world. Today’s internet audience prefers to go through videos rather than read information about your business.

3. Show your Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is a great initiative adapted by many businesses all over the world including multinational corporations. It speaks about the initiatives taken by companies to make a positive impact on the environment and overall supply chain. Videos are a reliable tool for that.

4. Enhance Social media platforms

Connecting your videos on social media platforms of your official website will help you increase your audience, followers and customer base. It will help you keep your online presence up to date and let your audience know about any updates in your website and business through a video.

5. Build stronger bond between company and customers

The reviews on your video content will help you analyze the interaction related to your products and services. It will help you understand your customer’s needs and the feedback will help you get better at it for the next time.

6. Cost efficiency

Video marketing is gaining popularity because of its cost dynamics. It doesn’t cost you extra employees and a single video will work for a longer duration. It is even possible to upgrade a video with a similar content and design which will reduce the cost of marketing in the long run.

7. Increase sales rapidly

Audiences are likely to understand more about the nature of services and products through a video because of its explanatory and informative features. Once the video is able to convince viewers about the necessity of a particular service and product for them, sales is bound to increase.

Conclusion of Video Marketing:

As video marketing in Nepal is booming, the videos are being deployed through television, YouTube, Vimeo, company websites and their social media pages. The message through videos are being onboarded to a large number of audiences all over the world. Corporations and SMEs are promoting their brand and benefiting from profitable sales through video marketing.

We at Creabiz Studio are experts on developing hi-end animated videos effortlessly. We’ve helped several businesses explain their products and services, generate leads and create an exemplary presence on the internet all using exciting and user engaging animated videos.

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