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explainer video for startup

Explainer video for a Startup

The growth of a startup is necessary right from the beginning. It requires planning and strategies that are unique to increase sales and earn profit. Marketing has always been the perfect medium to promote any startup. These days creating an explainer video for a startup is also a popular approach to maintain an active presence.

Explainer videos are widely used by startups to explain their company’s services and products. Most startups choose animated videos to use as a marketing tool because of its intriguing feels and interactive features. Animated explainer videos help startups to create truly mesmerizing content and support in generating leads.

Why do you need an explainer video for your startup?

As you are a startup in your field, people may not know about your brand without any promotions. If you use animated videos for explaining purposes, then you might be able to reach audiences all over the world through the internet. It helps create introductions and overviews in an interactive manner by explaining concepts to the point using visual references.

Explainer video for a startup could be more useful than you think. It can be used in your landing page to tell your visitor all about your startup. The same video can be linked to the youtube channel or vimeo so that the audience finds what they are looking for through those channels. It can also be shared through all social media accounts.

Explainer video pricing for a startup

Animated explainer videos come under a medium budget so it is pretty much affordable by startups. It is not as expensive as other types of cinematic videos so one time investment is usually a great deal. But there are certain parameters that determine the rate of animated explainer videos.

Benefits of Explainer video for the startups

1. Easiest way to Explain

There is always a new possibility to explain content using an explainer video. And the type of animated video depends a lot upon your startup. Creating animated videos takes the audience through a journey. It breaks down the idea and process into a concept that can be clearly and easily understood and comprehended once viewed. Animation has the power of grasping the attention of the audience. It is the easiest way to explain that it is a company profile, products or services, which fits any startup.

2. Increases your Sales

The purpose of establishing any startup is for profit, and for that sales is the only necessity. The more you sell the more in profit your startup will be in. But rapid sales do not happen overnight. First and foremost as a startup, the target should be to reach as many people as possible. It is clearly possible with animated explainer video to achieve that. Not only are animated videos an easy way to reach out to audiences it also boosts conversions and promotes sales.

3. Improves Brand Awareness

Brand recognition is a key criteria while creating animated explainer videos. The main focus while creating animated videos will always be to improve your brand’s awareness. It helps people recognize your startup as a brand. A custom and unique explainer video should be your need as a startup owner because it will be the asset that will work for your brand for a long duration of time. 

4. Builds Customer Relation

Animated explainer video is a suitable and reliable tool when it comes to building customer relations. As a startup your priority should be to maintain good relationships with the audience. If they like what you’ve portrayed in your video they will possibly buy from you which will make them your possible customer. It will enhance your capability to promote your startup in various ways. The better relation you have with your customer the more likely you are to succeed in your startup.

10 best Startup explainer video examples

1. Blue Bottle Biz

Animated videos are usually cost effective. It can be produced from a single location for any companies around the world. It doesn’t require any camera gadgets and the whole team of cinematography crew. It comes under minimum budget and packages are also easily affordable.

2. GrabCAD

You need to convey a message to your possible customers. What could be a better way than creating an animated video. As you are a startup, the video might set up a positive impression of your brand. They will recognize your brand in the market from the video they have once watched about your startup.

3. Bet 4 Talent

Animated videos directly penetrate through the instinct of a viewer. Since it is visually appealing the conscience works in such a way that the viewer will want to know more about your startup. It may further lead the customer to your website or if you post the video on your landing page, the video may increase your bounce rate.

4. Ripple

There are popular video platforms on the internet like Youtube and Vimeo. But posting your video is not limited to the video channels and can be posted to social media and your website. It will give you more reach as you diversify by posting the video to every platform.The more people you reach, the more customers you will have. 

5. Wrapify

A startup’s overview can be used as a content for explainer video. Not limited to that the services and products can also be used. If the audience gets to know what the company is about, what does the company sell and what are the services offered by the company then the audience are more likely to convert as a potential customer.

6. Live Hire

Animated videos are trending in the corporate sector. Most of the corporate houses have already started to create explainer videos for their company. If you are new in the market then it is never too late to catch up with the trend. Create an animated video and watch it bring good news to your startup.

7. Kifi

Animated explainer videos come under budget. As a startup your marketing budget will be limited. You may not be able to afford high quality cinematic videos with it. In replace to cinematic videos, the animated videos will be of equal help as it also fits for the same purpose as other videos. Moreover, animated videos are more interesting than cinematic ones.

8. Optimal Plus

Animated explainer videos are well suited for startups because a startup will have so much to say to the audience. Why to choose a startup is a challenge nevertheless and with animated videos it can be clearly explained. With the right voiceover and amazing visuals filled with animation, so much can be obtained with animated videos.

9. Enphase Energy

There are already so many animated videos out on the internet. And corporate animated videos are on top of that list. Whether it is to describe your product or explain your services, animated videos are a way to go. It even helps you to rank your company on Google Search engine with proper SEO.

10. Simplifund

There are many advantages to choosing an animated video.although it takes a certain time to create a complete animated video, it is still comparatively less than that of cinematic video production. It can be created in house from a single location. Animated video production services are available remotely meaning it can be created for companies that are located anywhere around the world.

Conclusion Of Explainer Video For a Startup

Times are changing along with the ways to reach out to the audience. Animated explainer video for a startup is emerging as a new approach many startups choose to create one. It has several benefits as we have discussed above in this article. The video examples will also help you decide the type of explainer you need. You must be wise enough while selecting a production company as not all companies deliver it to your expectation.

We at Creabiz Studio are experts on developing hi-end animated videos effortlessly. We’ve helped several businesses explain their products and services, generate leads and create an exemplary presence on the internet all using exciting and user engaging animated videos.

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