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Video Examples for Insurance Company

Using an animated video for marketing your insurance business has many benefits. Insurance companies have varieties of services and plans to offer to their clients. The main aim of marketing is to convince the audience to use your services and offers. If you choose animated videos as your marketing tool then the interactive animation content will definitely improve your product sales.

Animated video will help to elaborate all of your plans and services to the audience on the internet. People tend to use services from those companies whose portfolio and services are different and unique. With an animated video that describes your company portfolio, products and services your company offers and assurances that you provide to your clients, then audiences are more likely to become a part of your insurance company.

In this article, we share you with several videos that top insurance companies around the world are using to explain about their business plans, visions and aims, experiences, products and solutions. These videos might help you with ideas to design an animated video for your Insurance Company.

 6 Video Examples for Insurance Company

  1. RACQ Insurance

An animated video is a good medium for explanation when a business has many things to elaborate about its service. Car Insurance service is a similar topic whose marketing needs a lot to talk about. RACQ insurance took the best benefit of animated video to explain its service.

2. Allianz Insurance

Convincing a client to insure their house through your company is a difficult task when there is a huge competition in the market. An animated video will serve as your agent to pull customers to use your services. Allianz Insurance uses an animated video to explain the need of home insurance.


 3. Allstate Insurance

An animated video will help to develop a bond of trust between the company and clients. It will help to describe that the business is dedicated towards its social responsibility as well as maintaining a long term relationship with a client. Allstate Insurance has a similar motive for using an animated video.

4. Ransome financials

An animated video surely is a plus point for facing a tough competition in the market. In a business that needs convincing as a prior approach nothing is better than an animated video. Ransome financials use animated video to explain about the needs of insurance and how they help their clients.

5. Generali group

An animated video is a great tool to promote your business and services. When your business is an insurance service the clients will need lots and lots of information regarding the services before making an investment. Generali group uses it to explain why they are the best.

 6. Providence Life


If a provident insurance company wants customers on their products and services, they must explain a long term benefit for sticking with the. Animated video has that capacity to explain the future as well as past events using various types of animation. Providence life is using a similar concept.



Insurance Companies are the leading business in a global market. The services provided by insurance companies are of numerous types and it is a type of business that needs to handle a maximum number of clients. In order to balance the workflow and explain to the costumes what their products are about, an animated video has been a great source of tool. It has not only reduced misconceptions but also encouraged clients to invest through an insurance company.

We at Creabiz Studio are experts on developing hi-end animated videos effortlessly. We’ve helped several businesses explain their products and services, generate leads and create an exemplary presence on the internet all using exciting and user engaging animated videos.

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