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Adverting Agency in Nepal

Advertising agency in Nepal

Advertisements or simply Ads are the primary requirements of any established business. It is also known as commercials because it is the popular method of commercializing the business products, services, events and even vacancies. SMEs and Corporations collaborate with an advertising agency in order to create advertisements.

‘Nepal Advertisers’ was the first Advertising agency in Nepal. They began their services by posting advertisements in newspapers. Slowly, after establishment of Radio Nepal and Nepal television, audio and visual Ads were also introduced in the business market of Nepal.

The popularity of creating an advertisement began rising with time due to its effectiveness of reaching audiences all over the nation.

With the advancement of Innovative tools and technologies, Ads are not limited in FM stations and Television channels anymore.

The Internet has also become a huge platform for commercializing the business.  Adapting to these next generation changes, advertising agencies in Nepal have started producing advertisements with a combination of audio, visuals and animation that are suitable for every marketing platform nationally as well as globally.

Importance of Advertising Agency.

Unless a company has a high budget declaration for its own marketing and creative agency, most of the businesses work together with an advertising agency as their third party marketing department.

There are many advertising companies in Nepal who work as a separate entity offering its services as both creative agency and marketing agency to promote established businesses on the Internet and public media.

It is beneficial for a business owner to choose a third party advertising company. There are few important points to be understood before selecting their marketing agency in Nepal.

  • It will definitely transfer the workload on a business to a separate department.
  • It is bound to reduce the work pressure at a maximum level.
  • The agency will design and deliver necessary campaigns according to business requirements.
  • The agency will keep you updated about the marketing progress in your business on a timely basis.
  • This business investment will prove to be profitable and cost effective in the long run.

Who we are?

Creabiz Studio is an advertising company in Nepal. With a professional and creative team of expertise we are known among the best advertising agencies in Nepal.

We have better experience of working with reputed companies in Nepal as well as international projects. We have been offering advertisement solutions, digital marketing services and as our name indicates we help our clients create and grow their business.

With positive feedback from our clients we have successfully established Creabiz Studio as a top creative agency in Nepal.

How can we grow your business?

The growth of a business is determined by the profit a company earns through sales of its products and services. In order to increase the sales, a company practices several methods of effective marketing and advertising approaches.

Creabiz studio is the best platform for companies demanding to grow their business. We have a team of experts that are offering integrated creative designs and solutions to promote a company on the Internet.

Our art development teams are professionals in designing and developing high end 3D product visualization to advertise your company’s products and services.

An animated video has proven to be a powerful tool that can promote business and describe business products and services at its best of premium quality. We are a creative agency in Nepal that is dedicated towards producing cost effective animated videos as per the demands of our clients.

If you are seeking for a digital marketing agency in Nepal, working with Creabiz studio as your advertising company will bring guaranteed satisfaction in promotion and growth of your business.

Our Services

Adverting agency in nepal

Our effort, enthusiasm and vision has helped us establish as a best advertising agency in Nepal.

We are successful due to the optimistic aim towards our responsibility, morals and ethics, and because of this work we were able to receive positive feedback from our clients.

We feel grateful to be approached by international and local companies as their trustworthy companion and believing upon the quality of our services. Our services are:

We offer animated videos production as our major service. Our animated videos comprise professional voice over, intriguing sound effects, high end illustrations and engaging animations.

We take responsibility for Search Engine Optimization of your website so that your brand and products reach out to the maximum number of audiences all over the Internet. We also promote your content and videos on the Internet.

We help beginner entrepreneurs and SMEs to help them start their business from scratch. Our professional graphic designers have experience designing logo and promotional banners necessary for business registration.

Along with domain registration and hosting services, we design a commercial website suitable for your business. We even create necessary content that promotes your business on the website.


Businesses run fast, far and smooth because of advertisements. Selecting an advertising agency in Nepal is a necessary step that cannot be neglected when it comes to a wise business investment.

The third party company with whom you are willing to partner for your marketing and advertisements should understand your criteria and even help you explore your possible ideas whereas meeting the deadlines must be a must.

We at Creabiz Studio are experts on providing creative designing, digital marketing and visual advertising services effortlessly. We’ve helped several businesses explain their products and services, generate leads and create an exemplary presence on the internet all using exciting and user engaging animated videos.

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