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Brand animated videos

Animated Brand Videos

Animated video comes at an affordable cost. So, a small budget declaration can create a highly influential video animation. It reduces the production manpower to minimum whilst excluding expensive gadgets and their handlers which makes it the most cost effective marketing approach.

Animated video as a marketing tool will increase the popularity of your business. It reaches out to vast audiences all around the world as well as improves your customer base. It also works as a powerful medium to target generalized audiences on the Internet. It is also widely used to maintain the company’s reputation. Animated video can be created for every variation of business may it be SMEs or multinational corporations, service providers or product manufacturers. 

In this article we will be looking upon brand videos from various business sectors.

– Finance brand videos

Food Beverage videos

– Mobile App videos

– Product videos

20 exciting examples of Animated Brand Videos

Finance Brand Video



As a finance service provider brand promotion is equally important to attract audiences and convert them into customers. Parkway Bank uses animated video to describe its mobile app service.


When it comes to explaining money related services, animated video is a suitable choice to explain the benefits, uses and effectiveness. In this animated video, Payzapp explains about features of payment service through its app.


Even the best application and services sell as zero without proper audience and target audience. Animated video is the simple yet most effective tool for advertisement and promotion. Look at this video made by Xpenditure.


When a business needs to explain online transactions happening via card, animated video is the best medium that can elaborate precise information regarding the process.Axis Bank similarly uses this video.


Explaining a service in an app needs a unique measure to increase customer base. In this animated video ING Direct is a mobile banking service provider who explains the mechanism of using its software.


Food Beverage Videos



An animated video is a powerful tool that can express CSR efforts maintained by a company. In this video, Nestle is a multinational company who describes its commitment to the society to empower its brand reputation.


When a company produces and sells healthcare products, animated videos can guarantee consumers about their quality and commitment. J&J is a multinational company that uses animated video to promote their brand.


A beverage producing company has many benefits for using animated video for marketing their product. It can explain about the process that goes behind the scene with simply a few animations. Lavit is a beverage producing company.


Whether it is a commercial video or a simple advertisement, when it comes to selling food and beverages explaining nutrient content is a left hand job using an animation video. Look at this commercial of  Ensure-Active protein drink.

By just looking at the products in grocery stores it is difficult to decide the best among them. When an animation advertisement has reached maximum audiences they will surely search for that product in the store.

App Videos


Even the popular apps need to maintain their brand reputation continuously. An animated video is a simple and cost effective measure of creating such promotional videos. Amazon app uses animation video for its promotion.


Marketing a service has become more than easy with animated videos. Whether it is to promote your business or create an influence in the market animated videos will do its job. Take a look at this video of the OLX app.


Animated video creates a presence of your business brand or company in the marketing field. Through animated video, audiences will get to know about the services and the app will also find its targeted customers.


People using services might be unaware about the changes and offers happening in the business. Animated video is the best way to let the people using the services know about the changes happening in the system app feasibly.

Animated video is a great support to create an app video. Most of the applications available in Google play store and Apple store are using animated video to describe their app. Take a look at this video created by

Product Videos


Animated video is the best suitable medium to advertise products and gadgets. It incredibly describes functionality and advancements to the point. Here is a video example of an advertisement of a product by Philips.


How to use a product can be simply described in an animated video. Animated video has this feature of describing each step of a manual process. Philips uses this video to describe how to clean its steam iron product.


A gadget needs to be described with latest characteristics, features and functionality focusing upon the product side by side. Without an animated video it simply sounds troublesome and problematic. Check out this video by Lenovo.


As the products are turning into automation devices a simple video cannot sustain the explaining capacity like an animated video. Zendo Home Automation is a company offering smart home services that finds animated video as a very reliable tool.


Products that are priced high are not simply for profits. In order to explain that scenario among customers animated video can play a vital role. Just like this video created by Reebok to describe one of its products.

Conclusion of Animated brand Videos:

Animated Videos when representing your brand has some seriously cool and positive effects upon your business reputation and customer attraction. Animation has this capability to gather more attention compared to any other forms of contents. It is a powerful explainer tool that can let the viewers know more information in less time. Due to these advantages animated videos are becoming the present and future of brand promotion as a marketing tool.

We at Creabiz Studio are experts on developing hi-end animated videos effortlessly. We’ve helped several businesses explain their products and services, generate leads and create an exemplary presence on the internet all using exciting and user engaging animated videos.

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