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INGOs & NGOS Animated Video

5 Animated Video Examples for INGOs and NGOs

An organization surely needs to convince many social Institutions, social reformers and even political affiliations, whether about the works they have done or the projects they are up to and even attract donors. There are hundreds of INGOs and NGOs working for better health campaigns, clean water projects, food distribution and sanitation awareness all over the world. Creating an animated video representing a social agenda might just be a better way to let people know that our world needs a serious transformation in many sectors.

Animated videos are a powerful tool for spreading awareness. In-fact, animation is an ever expanding medium to explain dos and don’ts to people about existing taboos in our community. Producing animated videos to describe their work and whereabouts surely will become a fruitful approach. After all marketing does pay off, so why not choose a cost effective measure.

In this article are a few examples of animated videos that are representing INGOs and NGOs and have some seriously cool features and animation effects that might help you visualize something for your own project.


1. The Girl Effect


An animated video simply is a voiceless voice. It not only reaches out to thousands of audiences through the internet but even impacts their concern making them question their beliefs and thoughts.


2. Macmillan Cancer Support


Just by establishing a support foundation will not reach the needy ones without marketing and advertising. Animated video is a powerful and effective marketing tool in the present scenario.

3. Smile Train

As a social organization it is a great approach to let the world know about your works. An animated video will give you that ability to explore your creativity that defines your better deeds.

4. Charity Water

An animated video can effectively elaborate about the existing problems and the measures that can solve them. This video describes the water problem and their approach to solve it.

5. Care to Click


A donation even for a good cause needs a lot of convincing to gather funds for the project. Here is a similar animated video that talks about fundraising to change the water crisis.



There is no doubt that INGOs and NGOs have been doing a better job by funding girl education, conducting health awareness programs, providing shelter to the homeless and foods to the hungry. Animated videos are a wise marketing investment because they have easy access to the audiences on the Internet and helpfully convince them to become a part of the good deed.

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