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animation studio in nepal

Animation Studio in Nepal

Animation is growing in popularity as a useful tool. Whether it is to convey your message in an engaging manner or to share your experience in a unique style, animated videos are becoming a reliable tool to convey your message. Offering the services of creating corporate videos, Creabiz Studio is an animation studio in Nepal.

You may have seen lots of animated videos on the internet. The animation in some of the videos might have grasped your attention and you might have thought of creating similar ones for your company. In the present context, no matter where you are located, you can easily hire the animation studio to successfully create animated videos.

Animated videos serve different purposes depending upon its types. As most of the corporate videos are usually created for advertisement purposes, there are various other types of animated videos too. The type solely depends upon its purpose and the target audience. In this article, we will mostly discuss the types of animated videos which are popular on the Internet.

Types Of Animated Video​

1. Explainer Videos

An explainer video connects the company to its audience. Not limited to that, with an explainer video there is a high chance of converting any audience into possible customers and clients. The main objective of an explainer video is to explain the overall process related to the brand. This type of animated video has the capacity and capability to emphasize on the particular part and also elaborate on the finest details only when needed.

It not only elaborates but also educates the audience about your services and products. In Explainer videos, the audio and visuals go hand in hand to describe the main concept of the video. This type of animated video is not limited to only producing corporate videos, it can be also created for educational purposes and infographics to influence the audiences.

2. Brand Videos

A brand video is usually short and sweet. It gives an identity to your brand describing your vision and mission to the point. It gives the general idea about the company like what it does and where it is located. The main objective of a brand video is to make the brand known in the market and reach out to the audience effectively.

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A brand video plays a vital role in maintaining the company’s reputation. It helps to strengthen the bond between the company and its clients. This type of video is also suitable for marketing purposes. It sets a good impression as brand videos can be created in unique and stylish format using various types of animation.

3. App Demo Videos

There are a variety of apps being developed everyday. The app store is being flooded with new apps which is creating high competition to stand out in the store. App demo videos have helped thousands of apps to maintain their presence on the internet. Demos for the apps have become a must investment these days. It helps you stand out among your competitors and it also explains the process to use the app.

Check out some example of App Demo Videos

With the help of animation any features and the step wise usage of the app can be easily explained to the users. The animated video will increase the rate of download of the app. The video will even answer the queries that the users might have regarding the app. The app demo video will help to clear the doubts that users may face while using the app.

4.Product Demo Videos

Products sell when they can yell their benefits to the buyers. The manuals and the description on the cover of a product has been helping products to speak out for them but is not as effective as animated videos because people enjoy watching videos more than they like to read. Product demo videos are an essential medium to confer with the consumers. Once people get to know about the existence of such products that they are in need of they are most likely to search for them in the market.

Animated videos can easily reach out to consumers through the medium of internet. It can describe the product effortlessly and efficiently. The product demo video is an effective tool to describe the mechanism as well as demonstrate the workings of a product. If you’re looking to create animated videos, We are an animation studio in Nepal delivering video production services globally.

5. Training Videos

Animated videos not only work as advertisements, it can also be used as a training tool targeting the employees of a company. Training videos can be watched repeatedly so that the audience viewing the video can get the clearer concept about the content. Training your team with animated videos is fun and interesting. The communicative feature of animation makes the learning process easy. It can be used to describe the policies, rules and regulations of the company.

Animated videos can be used while onboarding new hires in the company. An orientation program could go dull without video presentation and if the video is filled with animation the atmosphere of the orientation could be simply engaging. A journey to creating animated videos has become free of hassle nowadays. Remember us if you want to create animated videos.

Conclusion of Animation Video

There are different types of animated videos serving their own prime purpose. Suppose if you are a company providing services, an animated video will then explain about the types of services you offer in your company and if you sell products then the type of animated video will be of a different type explaining features and usage about the product.

Depending upon your audience the types of your animated video will vary. If you choose to explain with the help of the video to your clients, the video is designed similarly whereas if your audience is global the narration of the video will emphasize accordingly. We are an animation studio in Nepal and with our expertise in the field, we will help you create awesome looking and interactive animated videos of any type you desire no matter where you are located.

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