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Video Examples of the FMCG Industry

Video Examples of the FMCG Industry

FMCG Industries mostly collect raw materials from around the world and turn it into a final product of processed goods. They then deliver these products around the world to be sold to consumers. It is a fast moving process thus called Fast Moving Consumer Goods. There is no doubt videos are doing miracles for FMCG companies. Everyday we see video examples of the FMCG industry being played on TV commercials. Youtube has also become a platform where FMCG videos can be watched. The trend of FMCG videos is slowly shifting towards animated videos. It is due to the cost effectiveness and easy production process.

People enjoy watching animated videos. Animated videos are powerful and highly engaging. If we create FMCG animated videos then it would be unique, make the company stand out among competitors and set a positive impression in the audience. Many of the FMCG companies have already created animated videos to tell their story to the consumers. It is time to tell your story too. Animated videos have a lot of different types so you’ll always have an option to create a story for your brand. In this article are video examples of the FMCG industry that will help you decide the nature and type of animated video suitable for your own company. \

16 Video Examples of the FMCG Industry

1. European Palm oil alliance

Telling the consumers about the production process will build trust between the company and consumers. The brand impression will become high and consumers will start to seek for the products in the market. With videos you can reach out to audiences all around the world.

2. Ultimo Coffee

Delivering of video doesn’t always have to be global. You can always target the audience using a video. It can be displayed on a local platform. You can display videos on your website too. Using social media you can easily target your videos to the audience that you want to reach.

3. Oreo

We can create advertisement videos to showcase our product. The products that are targeted to kids mostly have a musical background. It is to grasp the attention of kids so they would choose the product in the market. An animated video similarly can be produced keeping in mind who the targeted audience are.

4. Highlands Coffee

Animated videos can be used to celebrate occasions and festivals also. Most of the FMCG companies usually create a video targeting Christmas and other major festivals. It is their gesture of celebrating the moment with consumers. Some companies even create offers and bonanza for the festive time.

5. PepsiCo

This is a really cool video. It is a type of “How to” video. It lets the audience know that Pepsi can be made at home. All you need to buy is a Soda maker and the concentrated syrup of Pepsi. Even though this feature is not globally available, at least the audience gets to know such a feature is available.

6. Cadbury

Cadbury is a Multinational FMCG company. This video’s concept is very unique. Dairy Milk is the most famous product of the company. In this video, dairy milks are sent to Aliens and they liked it so much that they start to party. The main theme that they want to share through this video is the taste of Cadbury and animation made it possible.

7. Unilever

Through this video, Unilever as a FMCG company are showing their responsibility towards the environment. They project a sustainable plan that if all the consumers take an initiative towards a cause on a small scale, then that could create a massive chain of value. They’ve opted to use animated video and it could clearly define their thoughts.

8. Coca-Cola

Coca Cola is one of the top FMCG industries in the world. The company uses animated video to tell the world about its sustainable movement. In these videos Coca cola’s effort to minimize the waste by recycling the bottle is shown. Coca Cola recycles its bottle as an effort to keep the surrounding clean.

9. Dr. Bronner’s Fair Trade

Consumers find many FMCG products around them but only select and pick from only selective brands. The brands they trust, it could be because of a video they have watched recently. As a company if you’re supporting a good cause then it can be spread out through a video to all the consumers.

10. Greater than coconut water

Animated videos can help you describe your content in a way that you desire. It can focus on why your product is different and why consumers should use your product and not others. A video can seriously convince your audience to become a potential customer. And if your product speaks as in the video, consumers will become your permanent customer.

11. Starbucks

FMCG industries are able to set a benchmark using animated videos. Videos help companies reach new heights every day. Videos help to set a good impression on your brand and add value to your products. It can give the basic idea about where you get your raw materials from and why your product is so popular.

12. Amway

Big FMCG companies organise a campaign to support some sort of good cause. Amway in this video supports the fight against malnutrition.The world would basically not know if they had not told it through the video. At least their audience now knows that the product they are using helps in supporting a good cause.

13. Kelloggs

Everyday we eat different meals throughout the day. We have set a routine of our eating habits namely breakfast, lunch and dinner. We usually eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast every morning. What makes us choose the brand of cereal  that we eat. This video is a simple example of animated ads and Kellogs is a popular FMCG company.

14. Johnson & Johnson

A well established company has so much to say about them that it may feel it does not fit in a single video. It does not have to. You can decide the number of videos that you want by determining the types in categories. Animated videos simply have a variety of options to select from so creating one could be a good investment.

15. Ensure Active Drinks

FMCG industries are majorly focused on product animation. But it does not always have to be a TV commercial. There are other sorts of videos too that can be created. Most of them prefer 2D animation in FMCG companies because these product videos are directly meant for targeting consumers.


Fast Moving Consumer Goods is directly related to consumers but there are several stages the industry has to go through before it reaches them. The company’s do not directly sell to the consumers. They only make the products available in the market. So there are many stakeholders in between and to convince them special videos might be suitable. And to directly interact and communicate with the consumers, an advertisement video does it all.

Video examples of the FMCG Industry is an article where you will find concepts regarding your new video. It is a collection of animated videos created by top FMCG companies around the world. If you want to learn more about the types of other manufacturing industries and types of videos that manufacturing industries create then you can read more on Videos for manufacturing industries

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