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Animated Videos Example For Motion Graphics

7 Animated Videos Showing Motion Graphics

Animated videos can be clearly elaborative without character animation. The concept of motion graphics animation focuses towards using objects and illustration to describe the core content of the video. It is a powerful tool for corporate videos and video marketing.

Motion graphics is comparatively cheaper than other types of animation. Since the animated videos for marketing purposes are of shorter time duration and need to be highly influential without compromising its quality, motion graphics is a popular choice among business owners and SMEs.

In this article are a few examples of animated videos representing variation of business types that are created using motion graphics animation. 

Animated Videos Example For Motion Graphics

1. Pepe Jeans

Motion graphics animation and animated videos have worked pretty much great for Pepe Jeans to tell out their history about how sewing their Brand Name Led them to Portobello street in west London where their current footwear fashion is never out of fashion and in the trend. Their video marketing shows it all. Have a look at this animated video about Portobello footwears by Pepe Jeans.

2. AccelaHeat™

From italian firewood oven to electric, gas and combined to smart and next generation pizza oven AccelaHeat™ advertises one of its Accela-Heat Technology products using motion graphics animation.

3. OnePlus India

Using motion graphics animation one of the leading smartphones companies in India, the One Plus India promotes one of its limited edition mobile phone products, the OnePlus 5 Soft Gold Limited Edition showing indian ancient culture in an animated video.

4. Philips

Philips brand and its slogan ‘innovation in you’ is already a popular one to all of us and even while describing the cleaning process in it’s steam iron product through motion graphics animated video it is maintaining its presence as a top leading brand in the marketing industry.

5. Videocon Group

Next generation household devices are already gaining popularity in the market. In this animated video Videocon Group is emphasizing one of its innovative products named Aryabot. Whether it is a mobile app or mobile app controlled household devices animated videos have a future in video marketing for sure.Take a look at this motion graphics animation of Videocon Group.

6. Google

Video marketing is not only for Small and Medium sized Enterprises, It has also become the choice of google which is a multinational brand around the world. In this animated video, google uses motion graphics animation to describe one of the features of its brand new Pixel 4A mobile phone.

7. Popcorner Reviews

The video marketing and animated video production is not limited to promoting business and products. In this animated video is an online website Popcorner Reviews that is using motion graphics animation to promote its brand name on YouTube.

Conclusion :

Animated videos using motion graphics animation is suitable to describe any video content. Every type of business explainer, product description and service information video can be created using motion graphics. The demand of motion graphics for animation video is also rising day by day.

We at Creabiz Studio are experts on developing hi-end animated videos effortlessly. We’ve helped several businesses explain their products and services, generate leads and create an exemplary presence on the internet all using exciting and user engaging animated videos.

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