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Animated videos in Nepal

Animated Video Production Services in Nepal

Animated videos in Nepal is growing and getting more involved in promoting business. Basically, animated videos are an excellent way to entertain the crowd with beautiful, colorful and playful images.

More to construct enticing animations features are animated videos, corporate video, animation, and typographic can illustrate complicated associations and represent details so as not to organize other tools. Animated videos in Nepal may disperse multiple ideas in a short space of time and offer customers or buyers.

Now at an international level animated videos are being recognized globally for their quality. Our animated videos in Nepal have gone much further than just copying and changing the works of international animators, we create the masterpieces.

Animated videos in Nepal frequently create and play on social issues such as wellness, climate, governance, campaigns, pre-natal and post-natal treatment as well as traumas, schooling and child psychology as an addition to their research with entertainment centers.

Our goal is to sell a product to a large crowd, illustrate a premise or theory, animated videos are a certain shot to get the target audience engaged and dedicated. Some 5 creative ways for your company to profit from animated videos in Nepal:

Benefits of Animated Videos

1. Conversion rates increase

Animations not only inspire your clients; they also motivate them to buy and help the business with maximum profits. Statistics show that you can add up your conversion rate by using animated videos on your sites. If you try to sell any products, every product can be sold by animated videos regardless of your product’s severity.

2. Improvement in SEO

It is a great way of improving your SEO by including animated videos on your website and makes your company score better on Google Searches. It makes your customers more visible and accessible. Getting a business site including animated videos is a great way to increase visibility and improve the SEO strategy.

3. Commit your customers

Consumers are regularly engaging with online video material. Recent research has shown that one-third of all the time you spend online activity is watching videos. Therefore, the participation of your consumers is always relevant in the dynamic marketing world and can be called the first phase in making a sale.

4. Help customers know about your company

If a potential client can not grasp what you are offering, they do definitely not purchase it. Animation describes the company’s intent and works in a simple manner. The business products and services are designed to facilitate the existence of your customers. When it comes to animated videos in Nepal it can be fantastic.

A 90 to 120-second illustrated showing incidents on how your products and services promote the life of your customer would certainly make your company great. Promoting your product through an animated video, whether it is whiteboard animated animation videos or 2D animated videos, simplifies the way your product functions.

5. Expand the influence of your company

You would like to meet the largest possible number of consumers and provide them with your products or services as a business. The social media websites of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram enable users to connect to millions of people all around the world. You can easily spread the word of their product or services with an animated video and this in a fun and interesting manner.

Here are few types of animated videos

1. Corporate videos

In recent years, corporate videos have become more and more popular as a high-quality clip to advertise your product. Get new more customer sales through corporate videos. Corporate videos are a nice way to show your company creatively. A good video production holds an audience’s attention. 

2. Promotional videos

Promotional videos are concise since they serve to provide the most information as quickly as possible and to keep the viewer interested. In the field of advertisement, it is important to know what you want by encouraging animated video marketing, to define your targets and to evaluate your success. Publicity or advertising advertisement is a powerful tool used for the selling of particular products or services. 

3. Communication videos

Business communication videos are the method to share information with individuals inside and outside the enterprise to demonstrate how workers and management collaborate to achieve corporate objectives. It is aimed at improving corporate processes and raising errors. The mechanism for business communication videos is a framework for all organized activities in an organization.

4. Sales conversion videos

The conversion rate is the number of changes measured by the average number of customers. You are also likely to get more revenue with the same flow.

5. App Demo videos

This type of animated videos will help you describe the features of your app while explaining the ‘how to use’ section appropriately. App Demo video is capable of teaching the viewers as a step wise process to be followed to benefit from the app.

6. Customer Onboarding videos

Onboarding a customer to use your services and products is not always an easy task. It requires a lot of convincing for users to buy from your company. Customer onboarding videos can help you earn that commitment and loyalty of a customer

7. Customer Service Videos

The operations of the customer service department at your company can be easily described using an animated video. It strengthens the relationship between the company and its customer while bringing positive feedback from your customers.

8. Event Videos

From a general festive wish to the invitations of seminars, animated videos can work great for event planners to offer as well as describing the facility if you are an event planner company. Event videos increase your brand reputation.

9. Explainer Videos

Your business needs an explanation. Animated explainer videos will let you the opportunity to direct the explanation that your company profile requires. It can broadly classify the usable ideas blending into motion graphics and voice over with special sound effects.

10. Educational videos

Animated videos are playing a vital role in raising awareness about necessary aspects with the help of educational videos. It can work as a new way to set foundation of education combined with animations and motion graphics.


Particularly when preparing your video marketing strategy, you should be mindful of the selling process. High impact and intense animated videos in Nepal, aimed at bringing the product to a huge new audience. Including videos on websites as well as describing products and services to enhance the website and company results.

We at Creabiz Studio are experts on developing hi-end animated videos effortlessly. We’ve helped several businesses explain their products and services, generate leads and create an exemplary presence on the internet all using exciting and user engaging animated videos.

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