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Video Production Company In Nepal

Video Production Company In Nepal

Video production Company in Nepal is a rapidly growing business as there is a very high demand for videos in the market. Production of a video is not as simple as it sounds. There are far more complicated steps compared to a normally recorded homemade video.

A proper quality video requires a unique script, well trained camera person, a good direction and an excellent editor. Besides cinematic videos, a new type of video that has replaced cameras is emerging as a popular trend which is known as animated videos.

Animated videos are similar to video production as it requires scripts, animation and editing but it is less complicated and more effective than a cinematic video. Video production as a combination of both animated and cinematic video is very much possible.

A video production house or a  video animation company  with skilled manpower’s and required tools and technology will be helpful and should be contacted for producing a proper quality video. There are many companies offering video production in Nepal that are dedicated towards creating videos for their clients in every sector.

Majorly the organizations, corporations, SMEs and businesses require video production services in order to grow them as a popular brand in the market. Creabiz Studio is a company you can trust for video production in Nepal as we are professionals at animated video production and video production services as per the requirements of our clients in and outside Nepal.

Why are we best in Video Production?

Creabiz Studio is a video production company in Nepal dedicated to helping SMEs and corporations promote their business by designing and creating videos for them. We are a team of professional content creators specializing in the production of animated videos as per our clients requirements.

We are a reputed video animation company of strong team members with experience of working with top companies in the industry. Our team members are experts and professionals to produce efficient results within the deadlines. We have designed our production process creatively to offer hassle free experience to our clients.

We divide our production work as Illustration Selection, Storyboard Design, Apply Animation and Sound Effects, and Review and Edit for better and effective results.

Our customer support is considered to be the best and we offer unlimited revisions unless our clients are satisfied with the results. We are one of the best among the companies with animated video production services.

Types of Animated Video Production

We work with almost every type of content to produce an animated video. Most of our clients belong to SMEs and corporations that make our portfolio majorly occupied by corporate videos.

Our team members are well experienced and their works are dedicated towards the satisfaction of our clients. Here are the types of animation services that we majorly offer as a Video Production Services Provider.

It is one of the most popular types of animated video on the internet. We offer this type of animation in the videos we develop at our studio. Our graphic artists are very experienced in designing 2D Character Animation for animated videos. This type of video is usually very versatile and is easily customizable

We also deal with motion graphics animation as our services in animated videos. This type of animated video is usually straightforward and user engaging. It is widely used by high-tech industries where they need to visually represent huge amounts of information. It is a common choice of many business owners.

This type of animation is similar to explainer videos that use sketch works and drawing to explain the whole story board. It is popularly used to explain story type scripts. It is used by businesses that use B2B and B2C models. Illustrations of these videos are usually white background with a black sketch.

This animation type is an advanced version of 2D animation where the 2D characters and backgrounds are simply improvised with shadow-like formation to the designs. It is used to make 2D illustrations in a 3D simulation. It is often combined with motion graphics to get better features.

It is one of the best and highest quality of animation in the types of animated videos we offer. We provide high-end 3D animated videos to our clients. Even though the production time is considered a little longer for this animation type, It could be the best choice for explainer videos.  


As a video production company in Nepal, we think animated videos are taking over to the future of marketing strategies as it is becoming a favourite choice among business owners.

Animated video production has a higher demand in the business scenario all around the world and businesses in Nepal are also adapting to that change. In order to create better animated videos, SMEs and corporations must make wise decisions while choosing a video animation company.

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