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Corporate Video Production Company

Corporate Video Production Company

Videos have become the best and effective content on the internet. A survey even says that 80% of internet traffic is from the videos. One of the benefits of this amazing trend is in the sector of corporate video production.

Corporations and businesses are funding their budgets as an investment for making animations and videos. Videos are becoming a powerful tool to promote corporate portfolios and as a brand.

In order to help create videos for business, corporate video production companies are becoming a good medium. At Creabiz Studio, we offer corporate video production services for corporations and business owners.

Benefits of Corporate Video Production

As the competition of video marketing is rising everyday, there are many companies offering corporate video production services. The new business trend is slowly inclining towards animation and videos because there are various benefits of corporate video production. 

  • It is an effective method to attract audiences and possible customers.
  • It is very much cost effective in comparison to other marketing strategies.
  • It is a one time investment that works for the long run.
  • It can be used for portfolio, CSR, ADs and vacancies. 
  • It maintains corporate reputation among clients, customers and stakeholders.

Importance of Corporate video production

Videos enhance the marketing process on a different level. It helps to explain the company values and its engagement with their customers. Animated corporate video is a suitable tool to reach out your business and corporate brand to the audiences all around the globe. Here are few of the importance of corporate video production.

  • Corporate videos are easily marketed to the audiences through the internet.
  • The contents can be explained properly through a corporate video.
  • It can be a powerful tool to showcase Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • It works as a corporate agent for 24 hours and seven days a week.
  • It advertises corporate business and products to increase sales.

Example of Corporate video Production

Creabiz Studio is a corporate video production agency that delivers animated videos to its clients. Our company produces animated corporate video as per the requirements and criteria of our clients. Here are few example of videos that we have produced as a corporate video agency.

1. Revelle

2. Omniview

3. ITC

4. Fadel

5. Healthware

Types of Corporate Video

As a corporate video production company, we at creabiz studio have been offering our video production to our corporate clients. Here are the types of corporate video we have been producing with our team of expertise.

In order to promote a corporation, it is a basic criteria for that business to develop its portfolio. Animated video is an amazing tool that is useful to corporate businesses for promoting their business portfolio. We design and produce top quality portfolio videos for corporate businesses.

Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming a new requirement that businesses need to balance in order to maintain their reputation among clients, customers, stakeholders and investors. We are experts in producing animated videos that describe the CSR effort of a company.

Animated video is becoming a great medium to advertise business products and services. With animated videos the functions, features and facilities of the product can be easily described. We develop and produce advertisement animated videos as per the requirements of business owners and corporation companies.

Announcements and Vacancies are being popularly spread on online portals as an animated video. With the use of animated video as a tool for vacancy announcement, the message is being reached out to the wide range of audiences on the internet. We create best quality vacancy announcement videos at Creabis Studio.

Purpose of Corporate Video

Corporate businesses have various purposes for using animated videos. It is the importance and benefits of an animated video that has attracted many corporations to incline towards animation and videos.

Corporate video actually has shown the increment of brand awareness statistically. As the video reaches a large group of audiences, it sets a positive impact on the viewers about the corporate brand.

Video marketing is popular because of its capability to maintain good relation among customers and build strong trust with clients and stakeholders. It has been recorded to improve sales and conversions rates dramatically. Animated videos are the great medium to gather direct attention.


Corporate videos are an effective tool to increase business profit. It also improves the relationship between every sector in a supply chain.

Corporate video production agency are helping corporate business and industries with their promotion and advertisement by helping them in production of animated videos. There are a wide range of companies with similar purposes and we are one of them.

We at Creabiz Studio are experts on developing hi-end animated videos effortlessly. We’ve helped several businesses explain their products and services, generate leads and create an exemplary presence on the internet all using exciting and user engaging animated videos.

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