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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): The Future of Marketing and Business


Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) is the new and trending marketing strategy of a business and its products. The fact is a company that values CSR is more reliable and trustworthy. When talking business, marketing is a link that connects production and services to consumers and clients. The marketing capability of a company is directly responsible for selling its products and services.

These days animated videos have become a powerful tool to deliver information on behalf of the Business Corporations. As a replacement for paper marketing, animation videos are becoming a major marketing tool as a part of “Corporate Social Responsibility” in the present world.

CSR, simply means a practice of good business, keeping in mind to sustain a better society. The aim of implementing CSR in business activities is to combine Economic progress, Social Justice and Environmental preservation. CSR is a sustainable adaptation in business to benefit every stakeholder including the planet. CSR is profitable in every possible aspect of the supply chain.

The animation video is a better medium for Business Corporations to showcase their efforts and maintain their CSR. Here are a few examples of Corporations, Businesses, and Companies that have effectively elaborated their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through an animated video.


In this animated video, Cochlear ™  expresses its aims, vision, goals and responsibility towards its customers all over the world. This video supports cochlear towards its effort of achieving CSR. Cochlear is a leading company brand that produces hearing aids known as ‘multichannel cochlear implant’. The company is known as a global leader in providing implantable hearing solutions and services.


The following animated video explains how ATG® meets customer’s satisfaction through innovation and quality. Planet and its people is the core value of the company while manufacturing the products. The company believes in long term partnership to uplift quality in the supply chain. ATG is a leading working gloves manufacturing company.


Philips IP&S believes in conservation of energy and has a business strategy to reduce energy leaks. The company manufactures its products eco friendly and avoids use of elements harmful to the earth and its surrounding. Philips is the world’s leading electronic gadget producing company.


Sustainable management is an integral part of CSR. While investing into building and maintaining physical assets, a company must consider and balance sustainable relationships with nature. In this animated video is an asset management company known as SAP ASSET MANAGEMENT whose core prime principle in any development works is simply sustainable development.


In this animated video, FGV explains about it’s core principle is to change the earth into a green and pollution free home for every living being. With the commitment of transferring lifestyle, FGV believes in accepting opportunities as a window to many doors. FGV is a multinational holding company with investment in agro-industries, computer technologies as well as production of energy from waste.


The key value of CSR is customer satisfaction. When it comes to providing services, clients and customers demand high quality and benefits for the services they pay for. An animated video can be a medium to show the probable customers about the features and services a company provides. Dnata is one of the world’s largest air service providers which also offers travel luxury at hassle free customer support right in your computers.


When it comes to the company of health service providers, an animated video is the best tool to explain about the services provided by the company. This animated video allows customers to understand the features and welfare they can receive through the company. Here is an animation video by Cardinal Health Foundation on their approach to value CSR.


Videos have become a necessity for all types of  businesses. It will never be considered as a luxury.

A good company overview video is an effective communication tool to raise brand awareness, build trust, keep audiences engaged and give all the information relevant to the business. 

Approaching the right video production services will help in getting you the best value for the video. We at Creabiz Studio are experts on developing hi-end animated videos effortlessly. We’ve helped several businesses explain their products and services, generate leads and create an exemplary presence on the internet all using exciting and user engaging animated videos

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