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A new era in Education: The Professors of a new generation.


Education as a growth factor of human civilization has been a series of teaching, learning, and sharing knowledge with upcoming generations. In fact, science even states that reproduction itself is a transferring of knowledge from parents’ DNA to their offspring. Nature on the other hand has flourished life on earth for centuries and beyond but also has wiped out civilizations completely. Some of us believe it as the process of life whereas some of us are curious to understand about the leading factor towards its extinction.

Curiosity led mankind through many triumphs and disasters. Experience taught humans to explore, experiment and invent. Egyptian hieroglyphs taught us that DNA only transfers intellectuality, experience must be shared in forms of data that stays rigid even after apocalypse. Invention of paper in China brought a revolution in education. People were then able to store and gather knowledge. Industrial renaissance introduced technologies that could only be dreamt of.

Videos are making teach and learn processes effective even during the present day Coronavirus Pandemic. These experiences are opening multiple dimensions towards the opportunities a video could bring in education. YouTube is the hub for videos on the Internet and is the second most popular online portal all over the world. There are already thousands of educational videos on YouTube. Among them animated videos are gaining major attention raising a series of questions that curiosity cannot digest easily. 

Are videos a new era in education?
Could animated videos become the professors of a new generation?

Here are few examples of animated videos that are setting an impact upon teaching, learning and education.


When it comes to teaching children whether it is at home or school, musical animation videos are the best way to grab their attention towards learning. It is studied that children tend to learn faster through animated videos.


Understanding physics through textbooks and lectures are sometimes tedious when the topics are related to complicated physics. In order to grasp the knowledge with better visualization of what the sentence is referring to, animated videos are sometimes the best choice.


Primary School biology is counted as one of the favorite and interesting topics among students. The systems, organs and figures can be better depicted with the use of animated videos. This will help students to learn while enjoying.


Chemistry is considered as one of the toughest subjects of study. Animated videos have changed that point of view by elaborating the sentences with effective animation to depict the diagrams and processes.


Animation videos can act as a final revision of notes for a day before your examination. It can also depict the images of items more clearly than the images in a textbook.


When it comes to a complicated level of education, medicinal surgery is always considered to be the toughest. Even though practice is the only way to learn better surgery, animated videos are a more effective reference than textbooks because they offer better visualization of that topic.


Cartoon characters are always favorite among children. They even idolize their favorite characters to learn from them. When a cartoon becomes a healthy show that can teach students to learn and understand better, animated videos are the best tool to produce such cartoons.


Sometimes explaining a topic without animation almost sounds impossible without a series of WH questions from students. Astronomy is among such topics that are easier to teach with animation videos than verbal textbooks.



Traditional methods of teaching and learning have always sounded and felt boring. May it be the lack of interest among learners or the heavy burden of words that is hard to handle by all of them. But, with the introduction of animated videos as a form of teaching and learning, the scenario is certainly changing because people are getting more eager to learn about the new things and enrollment in schools and University sounds no longer necessary. And certainly the animated videos are the professors of every age group.

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