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Animation is a fascinating work of art. Animated videos are simply a revolution in digital media. There’s no question that everyone of us at some point has enjoyed cartoons in our leisure time. Present day, animation is not only limited as cartoon shows in Television. Animated videos today are rising as a lucrative and powerful content that is taking over on the Internet.

Creabiz Studio is a platform dedicated to help SMEs and corporations establish their business on the web. We are determined to guarantee our clients with full satisfaction for building their brand’s reputation on the Internet. We develop contents to promote the business and also handle marketing to reach the global audience. We are a team of professional content creators specializing in the production of animated videos as per our clients requirements.

If you are planning to create the animation contents, you are at the right place. This FAQs will help you give an idea how animated video production company works. 

This article also serves as a medium to help you get connected with us at Creabiz Studio.

1. Who are we?

We are a high-end animated video production company. Creabiz Studio is a team of strongest professionals in the industry. 

2. Where can you find us?

You can find us @

3. What do we do?

We work with a broad range of clients in advertising, broadcast and entertainment industries by offering them high-end video animations.

4. How do we do it?

Our animated video production process is designed into 4 milestones. They are

  • Concept Development and Scripting
  • Visualization
  • Storyboard
  • Motion Design

5. If you need animated content, where do you begin?

Starting a project with us is pretty handy and hassle-free process. We made it simple by getting the basic information about the video project and we do the rest. Here is the link to our Video Configurator 

6. How long will it take?

The standard production process takes 4 weeks. However production time also depends on the concept and style. 

7. How much does it cost?

The cost of the video depends upon the type of illustration style used and time duration of the complete video. The price ranges at Nrs. 1000-15000 per second.

8. What is an animated video?

Animated videos designed at Creabiz Studio comprises of professional content creations, voice over, illustrations, motion design and sound effects. Combination of all five creative professionals comes together to craft a beautiful animation.

9. Why choose animation content?

Animation contents are cost effective in comparison to cinematic contents. They are easy to produce and take less production time. It is better explanatory than any other content mediums and is gaining popularity in the present market. The future of marketing is predicted to be taken over by animation content.

10. What are the benefits of choosing an animated video?

  • It helps to stand out among competitions and reach a global audience.
  • It is a great tool to prepare a company’s portfolio.
  • It helps to build and maintain a company’s brand reputation.
  • It can easily explain a company’s effort of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • It can be used to advertise business services and products.

11. How are we different?

We have a strong team with experience of working with top companies in the industry. Our team members are experts and professionals to produce efficient results within the deadlines. We have designed our production process creatively to offer hassle free experience to our clients. Our client experience team is constantly in touch with client regarding their video project and we offer unlimited revisions until you get what you have desired.

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