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Video Ideas for E-commerce Marketing


Present day COVID-19 pandemic has hampered businesses globally. Even in such conditions of discomfort many of E-commerce businesses are providing its services in possible ways. This phase of economic crisis has led global citizens into a realization that E-commerce could define shopping in a different way. So, post COVID-19 the future of E-commerce seems to be shining already.

With no surprise, animation and video is becoming a popular choice among SMEs and corporations in order to promote their business. E-commerce being a popular business platform on the internet, without a doubt animated videos are being their choice for the purpose of marketing their brand and business. Brand recognition is bound to profit a lot with animated videos as their marketing tool.

If you are into E-commerce and planning to produce a video to support your business online, you are in the right place. In this article are the examples of few E-commerce companies that have used animated videos to promote their business online. These videos will surely guide you through the ideas on how animated videos will help you promote your E-commerce  business.

          1. Neto E-Commerce


Animated videos are a powerful and professional marketing tool to promote E-commerce business. In this video, Neto E-Commerce uses animated videos to explain the integrated supply chain that it has been using.

          2. Max’s Restaurant Online Delivery


When it comes to explaining about an online restaurant delivery system animated video will do the best advertising job spreading it’s brand name and services. In this video, Max’s Restaurant Online Delivery explains the audience about the working mechanisms and features of this online delivery system.

         3. Scootr App


Explaining features of an application have been simplified by the use of animated videos. Animated videos are just the perfect example of explainer videos and its interactive blend are easily understandable. In this video, Scootr App does the same.

         4. Inoreader


These days complicated applications are being developed to simplify user needs. Complicated in a sense it is difficult to explain the features in just words. Animated videos are a perfect blend of explainer, promotional and advertising video. Inoreader introduces its application through an animated video.

         5. Getaway Gift Boutique


Promoting and marketing business is equally necessary as producing quality products when it comes to running a profitable business. In this animated video, Getaway Gift Boutique promotes its usabilities to its users and new audiences.

         6. JassarSoft E-Commerce


In this animated video, JassarSoft E-commerce explains about its solutions and the services it has been offering as an E-commerce business to its customers and clients all over the world.

         7. Primaseller


When an E-commerce business is to sell a software system, an animated video becomes a necessary requirement to explain product features. Primaseller uses animated videos to attract possible clients and customers for its Inventory management software.

         8. Shopsity, An online shopping application


The competition between E-commerce businesses is growing higher. Every business is trying to become better and different from one another. In this video, Shopsity uses animated video to describe its audience on how it is different from other businesses.


E-commerce businesses are in competition to grow their business day by day. Many of the companies are using animated videos as their marketing tool to establish themselves as different from other competitors. Animated videos in return are helping them attract more audiences and earn profit.

We at Creabiz Studio are experts on developing hi-end animated videos effortlessly. We’ve helped several businesses explain their products and services, generate leads and create an exemplary presence on the internet all using exciting and user engaging animated videos. 

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