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Healthcare Marketing

Video Examples for Healthcare Marketing

Finally, healthcare brands have gone on digital video. 

High-quality, persuasive elements are now generated across every range by organizations of all sizes, ranging from short clips to long form features. However, healthcare industries are starting to use new technologies and technology in all sorts of innovative ways, including video streaming and storytelling.

Medical Business promotion using videos is increasingly being utilized by companies to attract and engage new and recurring customers. Medical promotional videos help aware and introduce new customers about the products, services and even technologies that are being provided through various digital platforms. In this article we look at 10 animated medical business promotional examples that are on the spot. Watch these animated medical businesses promotional examples to get ideas for marketing your own offering.

Here we go:

10 Video Examples for Healthcare Marketing

1. Patient online services at mayo clinic 

In this animated video, Mayo Clinic explains about online services offered by the clinic. This video has helped customers understand the features of this application.

2. Ask Apollo Online Consultation

Animated videos has become a medium to explain audiences about features of services provided by medical institutions. This video explains about online services provided by Ask Apollo.

3. St. Elizabeth Physicians: eVisit

Medical institutions are offering a wide range of services these days. Online service is one of them. This video explains about eVisit service offered by St. Elizabeth Physicians.

4. Mfine Explainer Video

So many products of online consultation and diagnosis are emerging in the market. In order to get into the competition, animated videos are marketing about these products just like Mfine has done.

5. iMedical Hub

Explainer videos are emerging as a better tool to explain about services. Majority of online healthcare providers are using animated videos to reach our audiences. In this video, iMedical Hub does the same.

6. DesiMD

Medical health has been easily and locally available due to online applications and features. In order to let people know about these available services, animated videos could play a vital role. DesiMD uses animated videos to explain about its product.

7. Swift Medicals B2B online

After establishing a business another major strategy is to attract clients and customers. In this animated video, Swift Medicals explains its services and features that will help their business grow wider.

8. Doctor Now App

Corporations with online health care providers have an extra responsibility of explaining users on how to use the applications. Animated videos have become the foremost choice for such explainer videos like Doctor Now App.

9. Memorial DOC Now

In this animated video, Memorial DOC Now explains to the audience how visiting a doctor online has been possible because of live video consultation with doctors. Animated videos have done miracles in the marketing world.

10. Fantasy Health

Animated videos are a great product explainer. Using animated videos a company can easily elaborate and explain about the products and features to the point. Similarly, Fantasy Health uses animated video to explain the features of their product.


Whether it is to promote a medical facility or newly implemented health services, letting people know about them is the only mechanism to make them use your products and services. There are many ways of promotions and marketing. One of the popular and best suitable methods is by creating animated videos. An animated video will do wonders as your marketing agent.

We at Creabiz Studio are experts on developing hi-end animated videos effortlessly. We’ve helped several businesses explain their products and services, generate leads and create an exemplary presence on the internet all using exciting and user engaging animated videos. 

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