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How can a video help boost your company's reputation?


Creating reputation is something that most businesses only think of when things go real bad. Building reputation takes immense effort and sometimes years to build one. As difficult it is to build a reputation, it can go south in an instant. However, there are plenty of things you can do to build your company’s reputation and maintain it for a long-term.

Here, we will look closely on how a brand video will help to gain your company’s reputation.

Every big company is more than the product or service that they sell, it is a unique combination of people, mission and culture. With videos, you can build confidence more quickly on a deeper level and build relationships that may directly impact the company and its reputation. Your corporate video can help boost your desired outcome across all other marketing channels; from emails and websites to personal events, social media and trade fairs.

Why is Company Video Important for a Business?

Company video helps you get the right message through the medium that your target group is engrossed with 24/7. Here are a few reasons on why you need to get your own corporate video today.   

Company Video – Being a part of a Company’s successful journey! People love videos ! Above 70% of people prefer videos rather than audio/text to learn about a new product or service when making choices.

Every company has a story to tell to its consumers. Videos in that context have become integral in showcasing a company’s success story effectively. The list below sheds light on how few big companies have used a corporate video on their website and have succeeded in reaching out to the mass in a short span of time and building their reputation like never before.

Nestlé – Nestlé’s commitments to society and the environment


This video explains how Nestlé asked NGOs, academicians, governments and other organisations with an interest in its activities how they thought it could be a better business. Learn more about Nestlé CSV Impact

J&J Consumer: Helping People Live Healthy, Vibrant Lives


Johnson & Johnson makes many of the world’s most beloved healthcare brands by combining scientific leadership and deep consumer insights. All of their consumer brands offer innovative healthcare solutions that help people live healthy, vibrant lives. Learn more about J&J Consumer 

Welfont Real Estate – How Welfont helps clients with property transactions


In this video viewers will get an overview of how the Bargain Sale can help with acquisitions and dispositions of distressed, underutilized and fully-functioning upscale properties, while benefiting nonprofits, secondary buyers and surrounding communities. Learn more about Welfont Leadership

Green Therapy with Green Mountain Energy


Green Mountain Energy is the nation’s longest serving renewable energy retailer and believes in using wind, sun and water for good. Green Mountain offers consumers and businesses the choice of cleaner electricity products from renewable sources, as well as carbon offsets and sustainable solutions for businesses. Learn more about Green Mountain Energy



Videos in today’s time have become a necessity for all types of businesses. It will never be considered as a luxury.

An informative video reflecting your company’s overview is an effective communication tool to raise brand awareness, build trust, audience engagement and dissemination of relevant information. Approaching the right video production service will help in getting you the best value for the video. 

We at Creabiz Studio are experts on developing high-end animated videos effortlessly. We’ve helped several businesses explain their products and services, generate leads and create an exemplary presence on the internet using exciting and user engaging animated videos.

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