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7 corporate video examples to show your Business reputation

Creating a video is the best method of using media to express contents. When describing a business, a video will explain the audience through its audio and visual elements more accurately than a paragraph of words could. While creating a video for a certain business, brand recognition is always at top priority. The reputation of the company or business totally depends upon the quality of services it provides. 

So, a video will be a strong marketing representative of the company or business. There are various ways that videos can be created to represent a company or business. A normal video that elaborates about the company, advertises its goals, achievements and its contact information. Another video could be about the services that a company or business provides. An advertisement video is about a specific product that explains about its features and uses.

The investment in a video for a company is never a loss. Instead, it works as a stable agent that continuously promotes a company as a global brand. In the current business trend, the corporations around the world are introducing animated videos as a part of their company portfolio to recognize their brand and build their business reputation in and around the world.

Here are few examples of the animation videos that Business Corporations have created to participate in the competition among companies to build their business reputation.

1. Onlife help

An animation video is a fantastic medium to promote the business online. Through an animated video, it is easy for companies to attract possible clients and customers without any boundaries. With an animated video online, it is easy to establish a company brand globally. Onlife Help, has similarly promoted its business online using an animation video

2. Soopa

An animation video is a powerful tool to explain audiences about your business. One of the methods to maintain a company reputation is by clearly explaining what your business is all about. It will also help the audiences to become closer to the company. In this animated video, Soopa explains about the benefits of using its business.

3. Pgascom

While explaining about a company and the services they provide, an animation video can precisely direct the important information that can elaborate about the company profile. Pgascom  uses an animation video to explain how and where they provide their services. This video also focuses on their dedication towards their work.

4. Zendesk

An animation video has the potential to clearly describe a complicated statement into a simple message. When it sounds problematic to navigate a business, the animated video will act as the sailor or the captain in the company. Zendesk is using an animation video for promoting its business with a similar purpose.

5.  ITC

When the company is a very large organization, an animation video will only remain as a probable option to explain the audiences about  the functions of the company. In such cases, the animated video is a necessary tool to portray company procedures. In this animated video, International Trade Center explains its portfolio, functions and procedures to the audiences. 

6. ATG Gloves

An animation video can represent the advertisement of the product that a company manufactures. By using animated videos for advertisements, it becomes simpler to explain the audiences about the quality and features of that product. ATG utilizes the spectrum of the animation world to describe the glove it produces.

7. FGV

An animation video is a systematic tool to reflect a company and its efforts to maintain Corporate Social Responsibility. This type of video also helps to maintain the business reputation of a company in and around the world. In this video, FGV tells the story about its achievements and efforts towards Corporate Social Responsibility.


Videos have become a necessity for all types of  businesses. It will never be considered as a luxury.

A good company overview video is an effective communication tool to raise brand awareness, build trust, keep audiences engaged and give all the information relevant to the business. 

Approaching the right video production services will help in getting you the best value for the video. We at Creabiz Studio are experts on developing hi-end animated videos effortlessly. We’ve helped several businesses explain their products and services, generate leads and create an exemplary presence on the internet all using exciting and user engaging animated videos.

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