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how to improve company reputation

How to Improve Company Reputation


“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it” – famously advised by Warren Buffett.

We do recognize that customers place greater importance on the company perception of the goods and services than their perception of the products and services themselves. 

With this, you must be concerned about your reputation or your organization’s irrespective of whether you work for a big, medium or small business or you solely handle your business. 

Here we will have a closer look on how animated videos can help you to improve your company reputation.

Many big companies use animated videos to advertise themselves, to increase their brand reputation, or perhaps to illustrate how a new product works. Animated videos have recently become one of the most popular marketing tools. Thanks to its effectiveness, video allowed businesses to increase their profits by 49% more as compared to organizations that did not use it. 

In this article we will go through 4 effective ways that can help you improve your company reputation.

4 Ways to Improve Your Company Reputation

 1. Socio-economic development

Contributing in the social and economic development of your community. Many big brands are approaching community people and making efforts to bring positive changes in the society. A company that serves the community and acts in good faith of the society always remains in the good books of the people. Animated Videos comes handy in this scenario relaying the message to maximum people with minimum cost.

In this animated video, Kubota Corporation illustrates its ability to pave the way while maintaining its vision for the future. It is this philosophy that differentiates the Kubota brand from its competitors, combining customer satisfaction with a responsible, eco-friendly approach which preserves our natural resources.

 2. Foster growth and innovation

Last recession has taught a valuable lesson to smart companies. Poorly managed companies are still in survival mode while innovative companies grabbed the opportunity and took advantage of market share. You should let the world know about your innovations. This will indeed build a reputation in the organization and words will spread among masses which will directly increase your brand reputation.

This film demonstrates Trelleborg Sealing Solutions capacity to add value and improve the business of their customers. Demonstrating the Company’s caliber in short video can highly increase your company’s reputation. People always love to watch videos and no doubt it is the most powerful tool to make people feel about the company.

3. Uphold sustainable development principles

If you’re not concerned about sustainability, there is a high chance that prospects and clients will be less interested in working with you. It is essential to get the large corporations and organizations involved in environmental protection and the betterment of our society. It’s a good idea to include educational materials to create awareness of SDG. This will ensure the goals are at forefront when individuals take action. Animated videos have been the most powerful teaching tool to create awareness or to educate people in masses. 

This animated video shows how BT group has developed a checklist based on a set of sustainable design principles for products. This musical video leaves a great message among the masses. 

4. Increase relationships in the community

It may be surprising to know that many job seekers look into a company’s CSR activities while applying for and accepting jobs. In most companies,even prospects and clients look into it undoubtedly. Building a healthy network in the community will help companies to gain trust and increase reputation among people. Since you cannot reach everywhere individually, animated video becomes the magic wand to reach masses. 

This beautifully presented animated video, helped Coca Cola India to shout out about their CSR activities in different communities. It helps them increase their company reputation to a high extent.  


Videos in today’s time have become a necessity for all types of businesses. It will never be considered as a luxury.

An informative video reflecting your company’s overview is an effective communication tool to raise brand awareness, build trust, audience engagement and dissemination of relevant information. Approaching the right video production service will help in getting you the best value for the video. 

We at Creabiz Studio are experts on developing high-end animated videos effortlessly. We’ve helped several businesses explain their products and services, generate leads and create an exemplary presence on the internet using exciting and user engaging animated videos.

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